Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Are the Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil?

Ozonated olive oil is an excellent medical remedy that many people have been buying and using for the past few years with great effects and you may even have heard about the wonderful benefits about this supposedly newly developed remedy on television or may have read about it on the internet. The fact is that ozonated virgin olive oil is by no means a new product. Researchers as well as historians have found references to the use of ozonated virgin olive oil in the treatment of any number of conditions such as ringworm, skin yeasts, fungal infections and many others as far back as more than one hundred years ago.

The reason that ozonated olive oil costs as much as it does or at least the best quality of it costs as much as it does is that it takes more than six months to produce it. The manufacturers start with the best extra virgin olive oil that they can find. This product itself is highly prized as well as highly priced when it is of the best quality. Through this extra virgin olive is bubbled pure ozone which is an isotope of oxygen. This process is done continuously around the clock for between three and six months. Over the period of this process, the extra virgin olive  oil absorbs some of the ozone that is bubbled through it and it gradually turns into an off white paste that has a lot of healing properties.

While ozonated extra virgin olive oil was first used with great success in the local treatment of wounds and to prevent secondary infections, doctors soon started using it to treat infections and fungal growths as well as yeasts with equal success. Today it is one of the most useful and completely natural ways to cure any number of infections and everything from insect bites to bee stings to skin yeasts. Fungal infections such as ring worm and Herpes simplex respond very positively to treatment with ozonated olive oil.

Because it is a completely natural product that contains no artificial chemicals or compounds, ozonated extra virgin olive oil has huge advantages over the use of anti biotics and other chemical compounds in the treatment of all sorts of infections as all of these products have side effects that are sometimes very serious whereas ozonated virgin olive oil has none to speak of.

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